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Interstitial Space Helmet
  • Interstitial Space Helmet prototype I

  • Interstitial Space Helmet prototype I

  • Interstitial Space Helmet George Michael version

  • Interstitial Space Helmet
    One user perfecting profile

  • Interstitial Sex
    3 variations


The Interstitial Space Helmet (ISH) is an experiential comment on contemporary communication as mediated by technology. The ISH looks at the rise of digital mediation of human representation and how this challenges normative ideas of image, personality and communication.

Whilst placated in front of the screen, interacting with others via web cams and artificial personas, the modern computer user might run into problems dealing with real people in physical interactions. The concept blurs these two worlds, taking elements of the virtual into the physical.

It is a product for the Otaku generation, acknowledging the fact that the Internet has created new forms of social interaction enabling new modes of behaviour and possibilities. Online chat rooms, games and virtual worlds such as Second Life where we can be whoever we choose to be, exemplify this. Normative modes of behaviour and rules don’t exist and for some, these places are more comfortable than the physical world.