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Artificial Horizon & Earlids
  • Artificial Horizon helmet

These helmets are analogue representations of potential digital future enhancements. They offer the wearer an opportunity to experience the benefits of upgrading the body through electronic implants before actually going through with the necessary invasive surgery.

• Artificial Horizon (Replacing the vestibular system with accelerometers)
The Artificial Horizon acts as an intermediary between man and the technologically created micro-environment. It re-aligns the sensory disorientation (which can manifest itself as travel sickness) experienced whenever the body is moved by means outside of its own locomotion.

In most cases travel sickness is primarily due to disturbance of the sense of orientation in space caused by an inflow of conflicting impulses from different receptors. Imagine standing on a ship looking down at the waves.

In this situation the organs of balance and other inertial receptors are registering the motion of the ship, which inevitably, is going to be different from the motion of the waves as seen by the eyes. Thus the brain is receiving two unrelated sets of motion information. The only way the two sets of messages can be made to correspond aboard ship is by fixating a point on the horizon or some visible landfall providing a fixed datum against which the motion of the body through space can be accurately and synchronously registered.

As a device to combat seasickness, the Artificial Horizon offers the user a constant view of true horizontal. This is achieved through a head mounted 2 degree of freedom gyroscope and cross hairs.

• Earlids (Replacing the inner ear with digital implant)
Electronics products have the benefit of on/off switches. Our current auditory system has no such control mechanism. This helmet has a simple lever operated mechanism pressing two small pads into the ear on actuation effectively creating a silent environment. Allowing technology into the body would facilitate such levels of sensorial control.

  • Earlids helmet

  • Earlid helmet