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Augmented Animals
  • Pigeon LED leg display
    The Pigeon once enjoyed the lofty status of master of espionage even winning bravery medals during wars. Today, however, they have been demoted to flying vermin, persecuted and despised. The LED leg light turns the pigeon into an aerial entertainer. People would flock to the city to see the dusk sky light up with an array of fantastic colours and the Pigeon would win back his respect. Made to individual requirements.
    (superbright LED in various colours, bio-degradable band, 3v battery)

  • LED Dog Tail Communicator
    The LED’s spell out messages as the tail passes through the air enabling new forms of communication between the Dog and his owner.

  • Film genre mousetraps – Romance

  • Film genre mousetraps – Thriller

  • Film genre mousetraps – Horror

  • Film genre mousetraps – Black comedy
    The small rodent suffers from the same slurs on it’s personality as the pigeon. These modified mousetraps allow the houseowner to choose the genre of entrapment. The arrival of the sacrificial rodent is then awaited with happy anticipation rather that dread.

  • Vertical impact protection jacket
    Defence for house rodents against mouse and rat traps.
    (Titanium alloy crash bar, carbon fibre belly pan)

  • Aerial impact protection jacket
    Defence for field rodents against aerial predators
    (motorised telescopic defence spikes, minute leadscrew drive, vertical motion sensor)

  • Nightvision goggles for small rodents

The use of technology is unique to our species but many of our technological innovations would be equally appreciated by other animals. This project imagines a world where some of man‘s technology has been developed for these animals, tending to some of their specific needs. The concepts fit into three categories.

1. Survival
Many of the augmentations that we regard as commonplace find their origins in defence research and development. Technological advancement is at its greatest during wartime. Many animals, in the course of their evolution, have developed ingenious mechanisms of defence against their enemy or predators. Unfortunately evolution moves slowly, and becoming part of the food chain is an ever-present worry. With the help of technology evolutionary shortfalls may be overcome.

2. Traumas of domestication
All species have evolved over millions of years to meet their particular requirements for survival. However when animals are domesticated they enter an uncertain realm between the real and the artificial. Many of the inherited traits, skills and instincts remain intact, yet they must live within human terms and conditions, dislocated from the environment that they originally evolved into. Most domesticated animals must lead a frustrating life.

3. Status enhancement
If an animal species isn't domesticated, eaten, or left to fend for itself without encroaching into our lives, then it probably falls into the category of pest. This is a dangerous realm for animals, as they invariably tend to be hunted, persecuted and poisoned. They must then adopt the role of entertainers, the royal family of modern society and win over the hearts of their enemy.

Phase one of this project (2001) was the small book published as a limited edition of 1000 copies.
In 2007 several of the concepts were build as semi-operational prototypes and exhibited at the 'BÊTES DE STYLE' exhibition, MUDAC, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Image of the realized LED tail-wagger prototype

  • Image of the realized Romance mousetrap

  • Image of the realized Horror mousetrap

  • Augmented Dog hackle
    The natural ability to raise the hair along the length of his back when confronted with dangerous situations has been lost in many domestic breeds. This proposal suggests automated hackles. Either heart rate variation registers change in the dogs autonomous nervous system activating the mechanism or the dogs owner sensing confrontation in the park activates the mechanism by remote control.
    (wood, aluminium, steel motor, electronics)

  • Modified Birdcage for captive birds
    Using technology developed for testing aerodynamic capability this birdcage enables the captive bird to experience the sensation of a long flight from within the confines of the birdcage.

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